May 31, 2018
Eyecare Plus at Czin Optical
Teaneck, NJ

As allergy season creeps up on us it is important to remember that allergic conjunctivitis is a very treatable condition. It is characterized by eye redness, watery eyes, and itching. Most allergy sufferers just push through the season even though they are uncomfortable, but that is an unnecessary approach. New medications can reduce or eliminate symptoms making the allergy season easier to cope with. The most effective drugs are available by prescription, but some pretty good decongestants that previously were only available with a doctor's prescription are now easy to purchase over the counter. These include Zatador, and Alaway; both previously by prescription only. While they can relieve some allergy symptoms, newer drugs can actually stop the allergic reaction on a cellular level making the symptoms virtually disappear. Dr. Starkman treats and manages these types of allergic conditions, and can prescribe the medication that will end your allergy suffering. He is available to see his patients daily and most Sundays. Why suffer with allergic conjunctivitis any longer? Call him today at 201-836-9199, and schedule your appointment today.